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There are many fun and amazing shows at the Miami Swim with Dolphin Tours and Tickets location. Here are a list of the potential shows you can see….

  1. Top Deck Dolphin show is a chance to get a thrill with the high-flying antics of the bottlenose dolphins as they perform breathtaking leaps and rolls. Guests thrill to the acrobatics of these agile marine mammals as they brave “rough waters” during the Rock n’ Roll Cruise. The Top Deck dolphins can be viewed anytime throughout the day from above and below the water. Keep your eyes open you might be able to spot a baby dolphin depending on when you visit.
  2. Golden Dome Sea Lion  you will enjoy the hilarious adventures of Salty the Sea Lion and his Reef Rangers. This comedic playlet allows the sea lion and seal stars to show off their athletic and comedic abilities as they explore the reef searching for a littering diver. You, too, can be a Reef Ranger by helping protect our waters from trash and recycling whenever possible.
  3. Flipper Dolphin Show  The new Caribbean themed show, with a new set, music, and behaviors will let everyone know what Flipper has been up to in recent years. While the show demonstrates that Flipper’s surroundings may have changed, his core commitment to helping out when there is a need has not. In addition, a new historic display of images and nostalgia from the original TV show will be on exhibit at the entrance of Flipper’s stadium.
  4. Killer Whale & Dolphin  There’s only one place where you’ll find Pacific white-sided dolphins living, playing and performing alongside a killer whale! Be amazed and delighted by Lolita the Killer Whale and her exotic Pacific white-sided dolphin friends as they show off their natural grace, beauty and intelligence through the special relationship between animal and trainer.

Shows Miami Florida

The shows schedule changes daily. So we can post a schedule. Usually the shows listed above are rotated, one set in the morning, from 10am – 1:30pm and another set in the afternoon, from 2pm – 5:30pm.

All the shows are under cover, so you won’t get too hot if the sun is shining down or if it is raining outside.  A great way to enjoy your Miami Swim with Dolphin Program, you can spend about 3 – 4 hours in the park with dolphin program and shows.