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The Dolphin Royal Swim is new in Miami. This program give you the opportunity to get 2 rides with the Dolphins. Where the Dolphin Odyssey only gives you one ride with the dolphin.

This program is also unique because it is held in the Flipper Lagoon of the Seaquarium park. It has a more natural feel and look. You and your family will love it.

You will get a 30 minute platform and deep water experience including touching, playing and training with a dolphin on a platform. Also, you will swim into deeper water for plenty of interactions and will get to swim with the two (2) dolphins through the water of the pool. You will enjoy the exciting double dorsal fin ride with 2 dolphins on each hand and either a belly ride or a dolphin foot push ride – In addition with the dolphin royal swim, you will get a 30 minute educational briefing & a chance to look at the professional photos taken of you, about 2 hours dolphin program time. – Towel, Life Vest (mandatory to wear) and Locker are provided at no cost. ALSO INCLUDED, Animal Shows and Exhibits – You can spend about 3 – 4 hours in the park & dolphin program. – Food can be purchased and All Day Parking is $10 at the gate.

We only take 6 persons per platform so it sell out quickly.

For more information on this program, go to the Miami Dolphin Royal Swim and here is the latest video on it.