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When doing a dolphin program, you will get to participate in many behaviors with the dolphin. Touching the dolphin skin is one of the more popular behavior because a chance to touch a dolphin is very rare and you can do it in Miami.

All your friends and family will always ask after your dolphin program, “what did the dolphin’s skin feel like to you?” You will have to explain to them with different adjectives, soft, hard, oily, dry and many other ones.

There are many different answers, but the top skin, where the eyes and the dorsal fin are, and the belly skin, the underside of the dolphin, does have a little difference. The belly skin is much softer and a different texture. Here is a photo to get an idea of how you would approach the dolphin in Miami when allowed to touch its belly.

dolphin encounter Miami

Dolphin Encounter Miami you will spend time with the dolphins ONLY in shallow water

We hope you will leave a comment here of what your thoughts were once you touched the dolphin. Please leave your comment below…